The Battle of Saratoga

During the American War of Independence:

In 1777, the British devised a new strategy: they would divide-and-conquer the colonies by splitting them in half and breaking their resolve.

Three British armies were to meet in Albany (New York) as part of this plan, but only one of the armies made it and was quickly surrounded by superior American forces at Saratoga.  Over the next two weeks, the British tried two attempts to break free in the Battle(s) of Saratoga, but were repelled (in large part because of Benedict Arnold’s heroics while fighting for the American army) and forced to surrender.

This was a pivotal victory for the Americans and perhaps the most pivotal moment of the entire war.  It was a sign that the Americans might win the war, in turn encouraging the Europeans to support the Americans and the French in particular to join forces with the Americans.

Following the victory, the Americans built a monument in Benedict Arnold’s honor, a monument that is still at Saratoga today.

The Battle of Saratoga