Job Search: Have to re-prove myself what I’ve already proven – again. :)

I’ve always thought that once you showed you can do something, that it is obvious that you can do something.  For example, if I am a basketball player who leads the league in scoring, I can obviously score.  But for whatever reason, this is not true when interviewing for sales positions.  

What I mean is this…  12 years ago I was looking for software sales jobs, but two strikes against me were in my previous role I had not had a quota* and I had not needed to cold call since my company worked with most customers.  By some miracle, I talked a company into taking a chance on me, and I not only became the #1 sales person for exceeding my quota but cold called successfully.  In other words, I showed I can do it!  Never again would I have a problem getting a software sales job!

(An aside…  A year later, I was interviewing for a job where the primary customer was Microsoft.  I’d never worked with Microsoft before, so although I had a good track record the hiring manager went with another candidate.  Again, by some miracle, the next company I worked for gave me Microsoft as an account and I exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations and made quota at Microsoft every year for over 5 years.  Once again, I proved I can do it.)

The past few years, I’ve sold services instead of software.  But not now that I am trying to get into software again, companies are afraid to hire me – my background recently has shown me to be a services person.  Does it matter that 10 years ago I passed everyone’s wildest expectations selling software?  No.  Once again I have to re-prove myself and try to find someone who will “take a chance” on me.


It’s never easy. 🙂

Job Search: Have to re-prove myself what I’ve already proven – again. :)