Two Cs have dimmed my interest in football

Ratings continue to drop for the NFL.  They dropped precipitously last year and are down again this year.  I myself have not watched a single play this year.  Why?  I wasn’t really sure, but now I think know why — the two Cs.

1. Concussions are big.  I stopped watching boxing because of the damage to boxers’ brains, and I’m starting to feel taht way about football.  I don’t watch college football for that reason, and it’s starting to carry over to the NFL for me.  I just don’t feel right watching someone (who can be cut by a team tomorrow) damage their brain for my entertainment.  I also dont watch college football because I feel like the NCAA are a bunch of scumbags who exploit kids who often don’t get a degree and receive no money and in turn collect billions of dolalrs.  Bleh.

2. Commercials.  Oh my gosh, the commercials are a turnoff!  Kick-off, commercial.  Punt, commercial.  Time out, commercial. Field goal or TD, commercial.  Extra point, commercial.  Kick off again, commercial. Etc. etc.  and the commercials are all by large uninspiring companies like Truck makers and fast food joints, and they go on and on and on to the phoning I feel like I’m waiting an entire day to watch one game.  SO I stopped – life is too short.

I cant speak for other people – the numbers speak for themselves — but I now know why I haven’t been watching football — a sport I once loved — anymore.

Two Cs have dimmed my interest in football

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