Strange dream about an American Airlines crash

Strange and vivid dream last night.  We were at our home when a low flying American Airlines jet passed over head.  Moments later we heard a crash, and I raced over there while calling 911.  It had crashed into St. Al’s near our house, and afew other people were there and I has having a hard time connecting with 911 so just hung up.  But miraculously, people were already getting treated, including the pilots, and despite the large plane there were no fires and no one seemed killed.  I looked around, and noticed the peoplel. Laying around, and started talking to the pilot, who was sitting up and getting treatment inside the plane.  He was telling me that the crash had been caused as a window washer had left the plane window cracked open; he said normally window washers alert the pilot when they are washing the windows, and the pilot draws with their finger on the window that a washer is on the outside of the plane, but the washer had forgotten to notify him (or he just hadn’t marked it) and the plane took off with some of the doors or windows open so the plane lost pressure and crashed. The only fatality had been the windows washer (who’d been swept off the plane) and I remember feeling sad for the poor window washer.  The dream ended there…  I am no longer afraid of flying but do think sometimes how one of these small planes or jetliners could crash into houses, since they are always flying overhead.  The jetliners are less worrisome (and annoying) than the small planes.  Anyway, I think the dream tapped into that fear a bit – why, I don’t know.  Or possibly it has to do with the helplessness of Irma slamming into the innocient people of the Carribean…  With all the talk of Hurricane Irma (and rightfully so), it will be a lot less destructive to that region than the Conquistadors were!!!!

Strange dream about an American Airlines crash

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