Watched “Quantam of Solace” last night

For the thrid time, I watched Quantam of Solace, the second of the James Bond refresh movies.  It isn’t nearly as highly reviewed as Casino Royale and it is my least favorite of the new Bond films and the heavy-handed editing (quick cuts and shots) during the action scenes make them almost unwatchable, but it *is* James Bond and Daniel Craig as James Bond and good enough to watch.  It is a forgettable film though – twice before I’ve forgotten the plot.  With that in mind, here is my quick summary:

A few moments after Bond shoots Mr. White in Casino Royale, Bond takes White back to M for interrogation.  We learn that White’s org is everywhere, including M’s assistant from the first Bond film who starts shooting (whoa!) and allows White to escape.  Bond goes after White and ends up in Haiti, where he learns that a Mr. Green is leading another shadow organization within the larger organization that ostensibly is an environmental nonprofit but is actually taking ownership of all the water and utilizities under a corrupt Bolivian dictator.  Bond kills Mr. Green and brings down this organization, and also tracks down Vesper (Casino Royale) faux-boyfriend who is actually a mole for Mr. White’s org.  In the meantime, we see a couple of Bond girls (including one who dies in oil like the girl died in Goldfinger), a couple of chase scenes in a boat and a plane, two gatherings in tuxes, and a taste of the rugged Bolivian townslife.  I love Bond/M’s sardonic humorous exchange when they find Green: “We found his body in the desert… He had a quart of motor oil in his stomach, do you know anything about that?”

For me, the the movie needed to be more patient.  Casino Royale and later Skyfall have a lot of patience, letting scenes develop without a lot of cuts.  THere are so many cuts, and so many quick scenes, it is hard to observe things unfolding naturally – it is like the director is constantly forcing us to look somewhere.  Still, it is JaMes Bond and – again — Daniel Craig as James Bond (Craig is my favorite Bond, kind of a perfect combo of Connery and Moore).

Watched “Quantam of Solace” last night

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