I think it’s time to put the dog down :(

The dog has been incontinent since Wednesday – without warning he just stands up and goes — and since he does not move at all it is doubtful he got into anything.  After an awful, disgusting incident Sunday morning, we are keeping him outside until we can gt him to the vet after the holiday weekend…  That aside, he rarely seems happy anymore – he hates going outside to go to the bathroom, has his ears down all the time, and really only shows excitement at meal time and occassionally when someone appears.  He hasn’t been able to get up the stairs to lay next to us in the TV room for months (he loved laying next to us in the TV room before his hips go out).  Sometimes, he doesn’t get up when someone is at the door or even wag his tale and left his head when he gets pets.  And Wife M and Daughter L are starting to think of him as less than enjoyable, what with eating his own poop if he is left unattended and incontinence and overall dementia…  I think he is happy 5-10% of the time and pretty miserable over 90% of his waking hours…  In short, I think it is time to strongly think about putting him down…  I’ve never enjoyed owning dogs — they are a lot of work (and I do most of it) and don’t bring me a lot of joy although I love them and consider them part of the family.  I don’t feel badly about this – I can’t help how I feel, and I take care of them (I give them pets, I feed them, I pick up their poop and often am the only one to take them for a walk) and the family more than covers for me in the dog love departmentent.  But I don’t like the slobber and the panting and the mess and the smell.  Luckily, I am not mean to them, and as I said the rest of the family truly adores them, so it is all good.  But that said, it is emotional to think of putting the dog down.  As I said before, he is part of the family.  But is it fair to let him be miserable?  I don’t think so.  And I truly hope that in the decades to come that if/when I am in a state of dementia my family has the courage — and the legal right — to let me go.  

I think it’s time to put the dog down :(

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