20 years later, nothing has changed with North Korea

With North Korea on the verge of being a viable nuclear threat to the US, and with our threatening North Korea with military action, it is time for the world to decide once and for all if it will threaten North Korea or accept it.  For the past 20 years, North Korea has rattled nuclear sabres and we’ve threatened them and even considered military options, but the reality is if we attacked 100s of thousands of people in Seoul and Japan will die so we end up backing off.  Now, North Korea is closer than ever and we are at the tipping point so if the world is not willing to sacrifice South Korea (not saying it should!) then we have to accept the fact that North Korea very soon will be a nuclear power with the ability to wipe out millions of people and the very world.  Threats aren’t going to work. 

It seems to me that North Korea is craftier than we think and really just wants to be taking seriously.  I’m no expert but if we get down to brass tacks and figure out a way to work with a crafty country that feigns madness rather than forcing them into the bad boy corner and treating them like they are a mindless third world dictatorship, we might be better off.

20 years later, nothing has changed with North Korea

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