Loved the movie The Big Sick

Wife M and I went to the Annex for a drink then to The Big Sick.  The Annex’s cocktail was awful – I am not sure how a drink can be too bitter and too sweet at the same time, but it was.  Wife M’s drink was too sweet.  Won’t be going back there…  We loved The Big Sick, which turned out to be a true story based on the Pakistani actor from Silicon Valley’s courtship of his girlfriend, where they fall in love, break up then she gets sick.  We loved it – it was a touching, funny and enduring story about lovable characters, and I loved it much in the same way I loved the lovable people in Bend It Like Beckham from 10 years ago.  A fun summer evening that ended at a reasonable hour (9:40pm).  

Note: her illness reminded me of my mom’s illness in 2009, when she had to be intubated and was in ICU for several weeks where we didn’t know if she’d live, and my dad, sister, wife and I spent a lot of wrenching time together where we all really bonded. 

Loved the movie The Big Sick

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