I am in over my head right now with depresssed transgender child

Now-Daughter R has not left her room for six months.  She lays in the darkness all day every day, only leaving to go to the doctor for hormones or to sell things on eBay so she can get spells to turn her into a true woman.  She is extremely depressed and complains of being suicidal (we’ve been to ER).  I know it’s at least partially the hormones and believe she is undiagnosed bipolar, but she won’t listen and she is 19 so the doctors she goes to can’t talk to us, and in the meeanwhile. she tries to monopolize our time with drama withouth taking any of our advice.  I know from experience she would starve to death if we didnt keep the fridge stocked – since she was a baby neither rewards nor punishments have helped, which was always a source of many parent-teacher meetings (she wouldn’t listen in class, and didn’t respond to various strategies on working with her such aS a reward or a punishment).  I feel like she needs serious psychiatric help — even inpatient stuff – but doctors and hospitals and psychiatrists ahve not been able to help.  Aaarghhh.  Tomorrow I am going to start from scratch – I will start calling psychiatrists to see if anyone can help us make a plan for our daughter.  I wish there was a clinic we could take her to, something like the Mayo Clinic but for severely depressed young adults.

I am in over my head right now with depresssed transgender child

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