Note/Tidbit to myself

I was always one of the slowest kids in school, although I could run forever.  In retrospect, my knees hurt so much when I was a kid it hurt to even walk, and although I could run through it the pain held me back and slowed me down.  When I was 19 the pain started to go away, and I also read an article about how to run faster (use the legs, not the arms and back).  Still, it caught me by surprise when I went away to college and my peers started calling me the “4.2 40 Man.”  I liked the reputation, but was also afraid my friends would realize I was slow and I’d lose my new, appreciated reputation.  “My friends at school think I’m fast,” I said to my childhood friend on a trip back home.  “How funny is that?”  “Actually, you have gotten faster since you went away to school,” my friend said.  It was a wonderful realization that I was suddenly fast, and something I’d cherish even to this day, that I am faster than 99% of people out there, and I used it as often as I could — like a new toy — when playing in adult sports leagues.

Note/Tidbit to myself

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