Absolute pleasure to watch “Under the Shadow”

Wife M, Daughter L and I watched Under the Shadow last night.  On the surface level, it was a scary movie (although not too over-the-top scary) that got scarier and creepier.  But on a deeper level, like “Moonlight” and “Get Out” and “Babadook” I loved its message.  We have a mother who was an aspiring medical student before leaving school to join her revolution; because of that she can’t pursue her dream (ostracized) later.  Her husband, instead of fighting for her, says “maybe it is for the best.”  As the movie goes on, and the Djinni take over the buliding, she becomes more isolated as a mother.  Her husband is gone, her community slowly leaves, her workout tape is gone, her medical book is locked away then sacrificed for her daughter’s doll, she is told by her husband she is incapable of making her own decision (to stay) then when she decides to leave rather than leave she must stay (“if you love me”) and help her daughter find her beloved doll.  When she escapes all this at last by breaking down the wall with her daughter, the book and the doll stay behind, indicating you can run but you can’t ever escape.  

Oh my goodness, what a message this is to be a woman in a man’s world.  What a powerful (but entertaining) movie.  

Brilliant.  Why wasn’t this nominated for an Oscar??

Absolute pleasure to watch “Under the Shadow”

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