Mulholland Drive an awesome movie

I watched Mulholland Drive (2001) for the first time last night.  Sensational.  Strange, beautiful, intriguing, mysterious and deep.  Follows a beautiful young woman suffering from Amnesia, her new friend trying to help her remember, a hip movie director fighting off corruption/extortion, and a rugged hit man before suddenly pivoting and showing all the same characters in a new way.

There is lots of debate about the movie’s meaning (with some warnings not to think too hard), but I believe it is Diane/Betty’s brief journey in hell, almost a post-death dream.  The movie opens up with swing dancers then an imposed image of Betty smiling before cutting to the presumed doom of Camilla (preceded by imposed car lights within car lights, like  a dream within a dream).  When Betty steps off the plane with the old couple, when everything is dreamy and pink, then the old couple drive off with demonic laughter (they reappear later) makes me think they are imps; other imps is the god-like figure controlling the fate of the director we learn later was a source of Diane’s jealousy.  So many other things: the blue in the background, the pink paint splatters (like Betty’s pink sweater, lipstick, flowers, etc.) keep reinforcing my belief that Betty is dead and is being shown a new fate.  The dream wakes up with “Wake up little lady” by the Cowboy.  Such a wonderful movie – like Point Blank (earlier) meets Drive (later) and Neon Demons (later).

I’d love to go back and watch the scene with Bob the Director, where he seems to spout nonsense that maybe isn’t nonsense taken in context of everything else.

I *loved* the casting all the way around.  (I’ve always thought a Grace Kelly and a young Jude Law were the most beautiful people I’ve seen on screen – Laura Harring is on par with them.  The camera loved her physical beauty).

Mulholland Drive an awesome movie

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