The truly special sales people and recruiters don’t hide

One thing I’ve noticed about most (not all) Headhunters, Recruiters and Sales People is that when the going gets tough, they run and hide.  I’ve always been a communicator with clients – good news, bad news, whatever, I always stay in touch and am transparent since it builds trust and also shows I am not going away :).  I think that is why ultimately I get so many reference clients and grow small clients to large ones, because I noticed that when I managed Sales People that they tended to ignore clients when the news was bad – I always had to watch for that.  Now that I am working with headhunters and recruiters, when they don’t want to tell me that I am not a final candidate, they simply stop responding; the truly great headhunters and recruiters are transparent (“the manager wants someone who is already selling into Boeing” or something like that).  A pet peeve of mine is when someone takes your time with a meeting or conversation, then doesn’t respond in the follow up.  It is really frustrating when a recruiter isn’t professional enough to deliver unpleasant news and instead hides since it means I have to take more of my time tracking them down on top of the time they took to talk in the first place. 

The truly special sales people and recruiters don’t hide

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