Fascinating to watch cornerback technique at combine

I watched a video by Marcus Trufant about the importance of technique – staying low, keeping the feet moving, popping the receiver with two hands then switching to one hand and guiding the receiver inside or outside.  It was interesting to watch Trufant (a 1st round pick and Pro Bowler) then switch back and watch video below at the NFL combine, where you can see technique isn’t always correct (but oh my gosh these receivers would be hell to guard 🙂 ).

Once in a pick up game of football a UW Husky receiver showed up to play (it was years ago and I don’t remember his name anymore).  Once again, I got screwed because I was deemed the fastest player on the field by our guys so had to guard him (that happened a few times to me 🙂 ).  Anyway, I made it my singular mission for the game to not allow him to catch a pass on me (without mentioning or displaying that to him, since it’s never a good idea to spark a Division 1 athlete’s competitive fire :)); fortunately, he didn’t go full speed so I can honestly say he didn’t catch a pass on me.  But that was also back in the day when receivers were normal sized and just fast as hell – today where they are 6’3″ *and* fast-as-hell would be hard as heck to stop for a 5’11” fast-runner-but-not-great-jumper like me.

it was fun to watch these super amazing athlete’s compete on this video.  I think I would have like being a cornerback, to make it a mission-in-life to not let your man show you up or catch a pass.  The part that would suck is the 225-pound fullback steaming towards you during a 20 yard fun.

Fascinating to watch cornerback technique at combine

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