Holy cow – the war in Syria is bad. I’d love for the US to accept refugees from there.

We watched the Oscar Nominated documentary shorts yesterday, and 3 of the 5 films were about Syria.  In one of the films, the Greek coast guard is helping rescue the boatload of Syrian refugees risking their lives to cross the Aegean Sea towards Europe.  In the second, we see a family whose father is killed and migrates to Turkey then Germany.  In the third, we see the volunteers who rescue people whose buildings are blown to bits by the airstrikes. 

This compelled me to read about what is happening in Syria. From what I see, in 2011 Syrians rose against their restrictive government.  Soon, a full blow Civil War materialized.  There are government loyalists, Free Syrians who want a free Syria, ISIS, and other groups all fighting.  And, of course, other countries such as Russian and the US are contributing.  Syrians are getting killed, buildings are getting blown to bits and it looks like an absolute war zone, with the people of Syria caught in the middle.  

What I saw from the movies and what I sense from my reading is that the Syrians are not diabolical terrorists but people fleeing a worn torn country much as people fled Europe in the 1940s.  Why the heck aren’t we the US not allowing them in?  We took in countless Vietnamese in the 1970s, which is great – why won’t we take in the Syrians now?  Might there be a terrorist or two in them?  Sure, maybe a bad apple or two.  But we have domestic terrorists, too (Boston Marathon bombers, the many school shooters, etc.).  For god sake, let the people in.  Show some compassion like I’d love to have compassion if Trump Supporters and Hilary Supporters were blowing up my neighborhood.

I loved those three films.  They showed the humans behind the news headlines.  And if we want to make America great again, instead of blowing the heck out of neighborhoods how about we show a little compassion. 

Holy cow – the war in Syria is bad. I’d love for the US to accept refugees from there.

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