A Snowy Start To The Week

Superbowl Sunday ended with mixed snow and rain falling outside.  We’d watched the game at mom and dads with the rest of the family, and like most of the nation were shocked how the Pats came back to win (BTW there are several “anatomy of the comeback” stories that recounts the play by play, but I would be more interested in what tweaks the brilliant Billichek made, and also knowing if he suspected that he could wear down the Falcons at the end.  Reading about him, I truly think he is a genius).  The forecast had been updated in the morning for snow overnight, so I was not surprised by the mixed snow.  The snow didn’t really start to stick until late, and Monday morning there was an inch in Ballard (and more than a foot in some of the suburbs), although it was pretty wet (but pretty, and was stuck to all the trees).  School has been canceled for the past two days, and although the snow is virtually gone in the city it still is pretty treacherous in the greater area.  There is a slight chance of snow tomorrow morning, but it sounds like it will warm up quite quickly with an inch or two of rain, which is a lot for Seattle over a day or two.

We are in the most challenging part of Seattle’s weather year – where it has been wet for months and the rain mostly goes away but it stays gray for up to another four months.  Rain isn’t the depressing part of Seattle, since it really doesn’t rain all that much in terms of inches per year — what is depressing are the strings of gray days this time of year.

A Snowy Start To The Week

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