High energy dance music makes me miss sports

I’ve never truly liked dancing (except when I’ve had a few drinks) although I truly love being in dance clubs to hear the music.  I find the pulsing music thrilling and an adrenaline rush and it makes me feel alive, and makes me want to play high octane sports (e.g. basketball, football).  

When I was in high school my team would play music sometimes while we practiced/scrimmaged, and that was always a problem for me because it pumped me up so much that I would start playing out of control, which would make me prone to mistakes 🙂  The one exception is the time that I was in one of those zones – the music-inducing energy combined with the zone resulted in an unbelievable scrimmage for me that my teammates were talking about afterward. 

I was always a streak player (other than softball hitting and football catching, where I was pretty consistent).  I’d go through stretches in a season where I was the best player on the court, and then go through awful stretches where I was benched.  I always knew I’d have one good streak and one bad streak in a season and that it would last a few games, I just didn’t know when.  Boy it felt good when I was on, and boy it sucked when I was off (would have nightmares about it).  

My dream was to play college basketball, which was my obsession in high school.  I was a freakishly good shooter in high school and had tireless energy, but I was small (5’11”), slow, a little immature, it was before the three point shot, I played for a fast break team and honestly never had great coaches (the time I went to a high school basketball camp and a couple of coaches worked with me, I was named one of the MVPs).  Ironically, after high school I got stronger and developed foot speed, and they added a 3-point shot.  In short, it was never meant to be.  But I still can feel that love of baskeball I felt, and still love to hear dance music 🙂

Note: the baskeball player I ever saw was Cali D, a friend of a friend who lived in California.  He was only 5’10” but was darty-quick, could leap like a freak and had uncanny court sense. He was his high school league MVP, recruited by DIvision 1 but played for a small college (his dad was rich, he was easygoing, and he didn’t want the pressure of playing D1 I think). He played with us once at the playground and guys were getting pissed as he ran circles around them – I’ve never seen anything like it, even when we played with some UW basketball players once.  

My favorte team ever were the Loyola Maramount teams of the late 80s, the ones that ran at a relentless pace and wore other teams down.  One time in college during a pick up game, three guys like myself (5’11”, but high energy) got on the same team (plus one of the guys girlfriends played with us) and we pressed and ran the entire time, and I think ran off 10 games in a row in a crowded gym, which was pissing off some of the taller guys, especially since one of our players was a girl who claimed to not like basketball.  One of thestarters  from the college (NAIA) team joined in, saying he was going to put an end to our run, and we beat him too.  It was the relentless defense then the running for layups, plus one of the guys had a great 3-point shot during the fast break, and it is hard to break that when you aren’t playing on a prepared (pick up) team.  That was my favorite pick up game day ever, of course.

High energy dance music makes me miss sports

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