Thankfully I wasn’t tested that way…

I have to admit that when the US attacked Iraq in 1991, my friends and I had a burst of patriotic pride and talked about enlisting.  I was in my senior year of college, but my friend Bill and I talked about that if the war wasn’t going well and we were needed, we might need to enlist.  Luckily, the war was quick and we were never put to the test as to whether we would enlist…  Anyway, in our modern age, so few young people who are benefiting the most from our society — the upper classes — are the ones who do the fighting. It is the wealthy who benefit most from war, but the days of the warrior kings are long past.  As much as anyone I know of, Dick Cheney and Haliburton (and Boeing) benefited most from the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet I have a feeling that there are no last names ending in “Bush,” “McNerney” (the sociopathic Boeing ex-CEO) and similar names on the enrollment list, at least not ones directly related to such families…  So in many ways I am glad I did not enlist in 1991 (not to take any of my gratitude to those who did), and I do wish that Americans would insist that anyone and everyone — regardless of wealth — had to put in a mandatory time in the services so everyone was doing equal time and duty.

Thankfully I wasn’t tested that way…

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