Missing this moment with my students…

When I was a high school teacher, I tried to lead by example.  So, if my students were doing something, I did the same activity.  For example, if my students were watching a movie, I watched the movie (even if I’d seen it 100 times before).  If my students were working on a class project, I was working with them on the group project (by going group to group and sitting with each group). And if they had silent reading, I read a book too.  Never ever did I grade papers or do prep for another class while class was in session (as my mentor teacher said, if I am telling the students something is important but then not doing it myself, I’m sending the wrong message – so i tried to model the same behavior, and I feel like it helped me build bonds with my students).  But I am thinking of one time in particular during silent reading, when I was reading along with my students but the book I was reading was hilarious (it might have been Confederacy of Dunces) so I kept chuckling; I noticed (out of the corner of my eye, since a teacher always tries to keep the peripheral vision going for obvious reasons 🙂 ) the students exchanging smiles then one finally said, not unkindly, “We can’t concentrate because you are laughing.” Then the entire class laughed.  I loved that moment.  It was a tender moment and thinking of it makes me miss my students.  Those students were 16 at the time, and would all be in their 30s today.  Wild to think about. But that moment is frozen in time in my memory.

Missing this moment with my students…

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