The average American is about to be duped by Trump and the Republicans

Full disclosure: I’ve personally not used or benefitted from Obamacare.  But…

There are three things that I think every human being should have: a warm/dry place to sleep, reasonably healthy food to eat, and healthcare. But we live in America, land of the Randists (i.e. every person for themselves), where we provide cheap fast food to the masses but where there is no healthcare provided. But by some miracle, Obamacare (ACA) was passed, and suddenly every American had access to healthcare. There are definitely huge problems with Obamacare (as always, it benefits insurance companies who still claim it hurts them so get favorable benefits from the government), but at least Americans could get healthcare.  But now Trump and the Republicans are repealing healthcare, but bringing in no alternatives, so once again the common person (many who erroneously believe it hurts them) will be left in the cold again with no guaranteed access to healthcare. So a lowly-paid worker who comes down with cancer, loses their job because they can’t work, and loses their place to live paying for the healthcare costs now won’t be able to get healthcare in the future because of her/his pre-existing condition, in the meantime expressing relief that there is no more Obamacare.  WHat a crazy country we live in.

The average American is about to be duped by Trump and the Republicans

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