Self-published a booklet for fun

A few years ago I published a couple of books on Kindle, just for fun.  I even got a positive review or two (I got one reasonable-but-bad review about my formatting so promptly took that book from the shelf since I don’t want to waste people’s money) and got a commission check for 100 bucks based on a few years of royalties.  But I’ll never be more than an informal, self-published writer: I love to write but a) only like to write first drafts, b) have a short attention span so get bored after just a few pages, and c) don’t need the hassle of actually trying to get things published, so Kindle is pretty easy and ideal for a hobbyist hack like me.  Anyway, I haven’t done it in a few years since I’ve been busy and tired, but took a couple of hours and published a short booklet last night.  I have an interesting sales pitch: I am brutally honest with the quality of the work.  I’ve found that it is very important to charge a cheap price and to be perfectly honest in my write-up (i.e. saying it is self-published, has typos and may not be very good); that way if someone buys it (rare) and hates it (common), at least they only spent 99 cents on it and were warned.  I do it for fun, not for money, recognition or false aspirations of being a published writer, and my favorite part is just seeing once or twice a month that a book was purchased.


Self-published a booklet for fun

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