Wonderful Christmas week 2016

We started Christmas week by attending the Nutcracker as a family.  It was a surprise since we didn’t think we could afford it this year, but wife M bought discount seats in the upper back and cooked dinner at home (normally we go out to eat).  It was a pleasant evening, all of us dressed up, and we took N, who is living with us t his year.  

Christmas Eve Eve was spent at a party with friends.  The friends are good and social people, so have good and interesting friends, and we enjoyed our time there.  I met Leo, who is from the Phillipines, loves to motorcycle and is planning a trip to Oregon this summer.  I also spent time talking to Steve and family, who we’ve known for a very long time and didn’t know we were both friends with the host. I also spent time speaking with John, who is from Puyallup, works as a consultant and whose family is heading to Bend for a week of skiing.  There was amazing homemade eggnog, whose alchohol was distilled by the person who brought it, people singing carols and lots of chit chat.  One of my favorite things about the hosts is they have many friends, and everyone always asks how we know the hosts.
Christmas Day was pleasant.  We slept in, then had Wife M’s sister and mom over for dinner and a movie (Krampus).  It was a nice evening with delicious food, and I was able to squeeze in a walk just prior to sunset, which may be my favorite time/moment of the year in Seattle, since it is peaceful and I love the way the light hits the surrounding hills.

Christmas Day, N was sick, so stayed home, but the rest of us headed up to MOm and Dads for Christmas brunch and dinner, with my sister and her family.  We had a wonderful day of food, family and interaction.  It was only the second time I’ve seen my nephew and niece J and P, who are now a month old.  I spent much of the day holding, feeding and changing J or P, and it was great to spend some time taking care of them and helping my sister get a break 🙂  Babies are fun to take care of – they just need lots of love, and changing a diaper or walking them around and patting their back is a piece of cake (the hard part is the late night feedings, which I didnt ahve to do :).  

There was a small threat of snow/rain all weeekend, but overall it was a chilly, dry, cloud weekend.

Today I think is a holiday, since Christmas was on Sunday, but I am heading into the office for a few hours to make a showing, since I am out ext week.  

Wonderful Christmas week 2016

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