Trying to make the most of a slow week at work

Normally, I take this week to rest and recuperate since most clients are OOF anyway and I am a firm believer that it is important to re-charge the batteries.  But I am OOF next week due to timing, so am doing the best I can to be productive this week.  

  • Updated our slide deck and posted it online.  Have been making some suggested changes, which I appreciate — it is nice to get feedback in an attempt to make the info better.  My boss isn’t responding though – I never know if he is going to respond or not.
  • I don’t want to put work aside next week, so made a list of clients I should/could email next week.  There are 92 who I need to check in with, so am going through each one now to add my note to them, then will transfer that to a mail merge that I can copy and paste into emails next week, when people are returning from the holidays.  I am also adding a few prospects who didn’t respond to previous emails so could email again.
  • I am making some calls today.  I reached a couple of people, including one who might have an immediate need.
Trying to make the most of a slow week at work

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