Breaking Bad observations and symbolism notes

Watching Break Bad again – love that show!!!  Observations:

  • He is a zombie.
  • Shows us early on that he was a Noble prize winning scientist 20 years earlier.
  • His wife seems content, despite the poverty.  They will eventually reverse roles (she is dispirited and dead, he is alive).
  • He desmontrates the bonson burner in glass, which is a flame.  As he says it is change, he is spritzing colors into the flame, he is alive.  Then he turns the bonson burner off, sighs, and he is dead again.
  • After his diagnosis, he is tossing lit matches (the flame going out) into a nearly and dead-leaf strewn pool.  As he becomes Heizenberg, the pool will be clean, then lit.  The pool is the blue meth, which is his light/life/power, and which a depressed wife will immerse herself in when she realizes she can’t control Walt’s meth making.  Later, when they are staying in the hotel while he is making millions, he will sit next to the massive and glowing blue hotel pool.  He does not throw matches into it, he stares at it.
  • His DEA agent bursts into the lower floor pursuing the drug dealers, leaving Walt unattended in the car. They are clueless that Capn Cook (Jesse) is in the upper floor, and that he and Walt have seen each other, like later they are clueless that Walt and Jesse are working together.
  • Jesse is in red: red sweatshirt, red car, red motorcycle, even red/chili pepper in his meth. But as Walt approaches him that first night, he is covering his red car with a blue tarp, just like the blue pool and the blue meth. I am assuming this is Walt’s blue covering up his old red life.  Later, as Walt pulls into Jesse’s house with the meth equipment, Jesse is wearing a big blue jacket over a red shirt, and a touch of red shows from under his blue hat.  When he sits in his red car, it has blue seats.  I love this!!
  • Jesse comes up with the idea for RV, since he doesn’t “sh** where (he) eat(s).”
  • Jesse asks, not with kindness, “Why are you doing this?” Walt, standing against a mountain backdrop, replies, “I am awake.”
  • The next scene, Walt is helping his son try on blue jeans in a blue dressing room.  His wife is dressed in blue.  He then physically confronts the larger-than-he bullies in the store – and wins.
  • There is a lot of yellow and green.  Green in the house yellow shirts, green clothes, green brush, green car – symbolic?  For example, blue and yellow make green?  Might be a reach but there is enough of it that it can’t be coincidence.
Breaking Bad observations and symbolism notes

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