Witnessed a motorcycle accident yesterday

I was waiting for a light as a pedestrian at a busy intersection when a motorcycle accelerated through a yellow light (not necessarily speeding, just accelerating) then out of the blue the bike’s tires slipped one way, then the other and the rider went skidding off one way while the bike went another.  It made an awful scraping sound and sparks went flying everywhere as the bike came to a stop.  I was 100 yards away but pedestrians hurried over there to stop traffic, and a car stopped in front and put on its hazard lights to protect the rider, who was laying in the middle of the lane.  A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived.  If I had to guess, I’d think the poor driver lost a lot of skin and at the very least broke a few bones, including a leg.  It was disturbing to see, and I was distracted the rest of the night and am thinking about it today.  I mentioned it to a store clerk but there wasn’t too much interest there…  For the rider, it must have been shocking for his bike to just lose control like that.  It makes me glad I don’t ride motorcycles.  

Witnessed a motorcycle accident yesterday

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