What happened to veterans day?

It used to be that Veterans Day was a holiday for everyone.  It was supposed to honor the veterans, but regardless it was a day off for most non-service employees.  Now most companies are open, which means a third of the employees skip the day to care for their kids (who are off), a third make it an easy work day, and a third put in a normal day.  Which all results in essentially an unproductive day where no one is rested.  Americans (Corporate America) have forgotten the value in rest days, in the meaning work hard and play hard.  It is another way that modern day Corporate America — for all its talk on efficiency — is not efficient at all.  Wouldn’t it be better to tell everyone to take the day off, rest or honor the veterans, and come back feeling fresh the day after?  

Our office was open, and I spent much of the day trying unsuccessfully to keep things moving.  I got home at 6 PM thinking what a wasted day it had been 🙂

What happened to veterans day?

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