I wondered if Trump might win, but I fully expected Clinton to route him today

I remember the election of 1984 when Reagan absolutely routed Mondale.  This year, I always wondered if Trump would win, but I woke up today fully expecting Clinton to route Trump today, that when the emotions settled down and when people went to cast their vote they’d vote for the “safe” choice of Clinton (like I did 😦 ).  So I am stunned that as I type this Trump is probably going to be president of the USA.  To me, people aren’t really voting for Trump – they are saying they want change.  They are saying they are tired of making 8/hr and having to work Thanksgivings at Walmart while fleets of rich people get richer and richer and ship more and more jobs overseas, turn it over to automation or hire slave labor and fire 1000s of people without penalty while paying themselves millions. Today’s election was a cry for change, and the funny thing is that even if the stocks tank tomorrow it won’t hurt the 401Ks of the people who voted for Trump since none of them can afford 401Ks anyway.  In most ways I am terrified today, and I am upset overall, and I am sick to my stomach that we elected a racist and sexist president, but in some small ways I am proud of America for making a statement.  Trump is the wrong execution of the right idea. 😦  Unfortunately, Hitler was a wrong execution too…  In the 18th century we had the Shay’s rebellion when the poor felt extorted by the rich – today the USA voted for Trump.

I wondered if Trump might win, but I fully expected Clinton to route him today

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