Really enjoyed my mani-pedi today!

Wife M scheduled manis and pedis for us today.  My pedicurist was especially good, and had a good touch and gave a good massage.  I spent the entire hour with my eyes closed while focusing on the warmth of the shoulder pillow, the soothing feeling of the process plus foot/shoulder massage and enjoying my warm tea.  It was a marvelous hour at a time when I am in a lot of pain/fatigue from my illness and also feeling worried about my current flare and spot on my lungs.  

Commentary: Once again, there were like 10 women and 1 dude (me) in there — some day, maybe, more dudes will figure out how great mani/pedis are and how nice it is to have groomed hands and feet.  Until then, I’ll enjoy being the only guy in a salon of women 🙂  When I was in college, there were times when guys would comment about how did I know so many women – duuuuhhh, it is the little things that indicate you are not a gorilla or clueless dude, little things like manis/pedis, asking women questions about their lives instead of talking about yourself, wearing stylish shoes/shirts that a stylish woman picked out for you and making flawless eye contact (that is, keeping eyes up or away, and not on breasts or other women). Also, the topic of sex should never come up, ever – it is okay for women to talk about sex with other women, but as a married man making any (even harmless) comment about sex is risking crossing that line of trust.  Even after 25 years of blissful monogamy, those habits are still ingrained in me and help keep my relationship with Wife strong.  

Anyway, I enjoyed my mani/pedi today.

Really enjoyed my mani-pedi today!

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