Watched Carrie and it was surprisingly good

We watched Carrie last night, the first time I’ve seen it since 1984 and the first time Wife M has ever seen it.  When I watched it the first time, I watched it with my step grandma and sister in the wee hours of the morning.  At the time, I found the ending terrifying, and after the movie had to retire to my “bed” at my grandpa’s house, which was on his couch in a basement room with no windows.  I spent a nervous night literally sweating through my blankets, a little too frightened to sleep uncovered despite being overheated under the heavy wool blankets.

But that was years ago and I fully expected a cheesy film.  But it was surprisingly efficient, well told and spooky at the end.  I loved how attached I grew to the characters in a short period of time, and in the last sequence how she seemed like a bloody ghoul.  It was a nice film (perhaps a little too much underscoring, but that’s okay).  I found the slapping (the teacher slaps a student, and Travolta’s character slaps his girlfriend) disturbing to watch, but that isn’t about the quality of the film.

I find Brian de Palma is an interesting director. He has put together some pretty awfully made movies, but then occassionally comes out with a whoppingly good one.  

Watched Carrie and it was surprisingly good

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