Watched Halloween for the first time

My mom didn’t like us watching slasher films as a kid, and to be honest I didn’t like watching kids getting killed.  So although Halloween was a huge cult hit when I was young, I have never seen it, but Wife M and I watched it today for the first time.  I loved it.  It is like a ghost film, except instead of a ghost it is a homicidal killer.  


I love the music and opening credits against the pumpkin — great tone setter.  The performances and flow of the movie are good.  I love how the main character suspects something amiss but no one aroujnd her believes her.  Love how “Don’t Fear the Reaper” is playing on the radio as Michael Meyers is trailing them.  Love how the old house looks like a haunted house.  It is funny how no one notices a sinsiter man standing in a hockey mask, how no one thinks to alert the town that Michael Meyers has escaped (of course, this was in the days before everyone had a mobile device).  THe movie is proof that you don’t need a lot of action to build suspense, creepiness and fear (this is one of my ocmplaints about Horror Story, that it is too over the top with endless “thrills”).  I love the role of the psychologist, reminds me of the exorcist in The Exorcist or George C. Scott in The Changeling…  I can’t believe this is the same director who did The Thing, which was more cheesey and was essentially about the dumbest scientits on the face of the planet (“hey, let’s blow ourselves up so the monster can’t get away”)..  It seems to be a rule of slasher films that women don’t wear bras and look for any opportunity to pull their clothes off (“Oh, I spilled on myself, let me pull off all my clothes”)…  The Thing appeared on the screen, a movie the director remade a few years later…  The Washing Machine soujnded like Michael Meyers breathing in the mask…  All these kids are running around the neighborhood, and none of the adults are home — that is soo how it was in the 1970s!  Parents were always “out,” and so many kids had free reight to roam the neighborhood in packs and get into mischief… Brilliant to have the door unlocked the second time and the inside of the car fogged!  I love the theme of no one believing each other, and the killer roaming in-between the spaces of this mistrust… With the beat of the music, how Michael keeps coming after her at his steady pace, I was thinking of It Follows.


Watched Halloween for the first time

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