Battling the Demon of Mahfuz

I rue the day I ever took a job working for a company owned by Mahfuz.  Why?  Because he was honestly nuts (80% turnover proves that).  But more than that, he did not tolerate any kind of “excuses,” even when major changes he made had massive impacts on my team’s ability to make quota, compounded in that Mahfuz did not allow any excuses for missing quota.  So then you end up become a yes person, and then you miss quota one month (not year, but month) and he starts in with the blame/hate emails, and you just learn to try to live under the radar at all costs.  It is  not a good place to be when you are a highly independent, highly successful, highly self-driven person.  That experience two years ago left scars — a fear of being direct with bosses unless I was truly pissed — that I am just now starting to overcome and learning again to be objective and consultative but direct in my communication.  For example, I might say, “Last quarter we had a 90% win rate, then we put in the new plan, and my team had dropped to a 10% win rate.  Here is why I think that is, here is what I am doing to overcome it with the resources that I have, and here is what I could really use from you if at all possible.”  It is taking a lot of time, effort and willpower to overcome the demon of Mahufz, and I will say again that the day I no longer think of Mahfuz will be a day too late 🙂  

This morning I was proud of myself, because I was direct with my boss on issues I having with an opportunity.  That was not easy to do, and a step forward towards being my old self.

Battling the Demon of Mahfuz

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