Watched “The Neon Demon” again!

We watched The Neon Demon last Spring in the theaters and loved it.  We rented the BluRay DVD and watched it on the big screen.  Loved it again.   I read where the director was tired of making movies about violent men so wanted to make one about women.  I always love his movies, although Drive and Pusher remain my favorites by far (in that order).


Love the opening — the incredible colors, music and the menacing (intense) stare from the photographer in the shadows.  She is rubbing the blood off after the shoot, but it is not really coming off.  The music and lighting and colors of these first few scenes are amazing — in fact, the coloring combined with music in the entire movie is spectacular, and worth multiple showings alone!   The uses of music has a blade runner type of larger-than-life cyber quality to it…  Love the foreshadowing: “Are you food or are you sex?”  Loved the wall of photos behind CHristine Hendrix (an endless supply of people to pluck from).  The white studio set and scene — where the famous photographer is taking his photos — is amazing, a still life within the movie…  I love (hate 🙂 )Sarah’s character – her quiet intensity… I love when Jesse tells her guy-next-door boyfriend “so leave,” like she is casting away the last ordinary part of herself to embrace the narcissitic world.  The movies turns very dark after this…  Love the actor who plays the famous photographer – he seems to blend into whatever role he is playing (like the cop in Dexter)…  The sex-with-a-corpse scene is true to the film, but shocking and the most surprising/disturbing scene I can remember seeing.  It is terrifying and menacing…  I can’t believe what happened to Jesse!!

Watched “The Neon Demon” again!

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