Strange vivid dreams last two nights

Two nights ago, I dreamed about my old neighborhood in Ballard, except the homes behind us sat on a rise and they were large opulent houses, like something you might find in pockets of Magnolia and Capitol Hill.  In my dream, my parents were living in that area behind our house, and for some reason we kept trying to head there to visit, but despite ts close proximity were running into problems such as two dogs that kept getting in front of our car.  There was also a woman there about our age who didn’t like me, kept calling me obnoxious, which hurt my feelings… I always have haunting/strange dreams about the areas surrounding my childhood home (in the past few months, the area above the Locks was a wooded hill, the land behind us sat on a hard to reach point, and many times in my life I’ve dreamed the gulley at the end of the block was a dangerous jungle/forest), so that wasn’t unusual. I believe the person who didn’t like me was a girl from my childhood, E, who always found my hyperactivity annoying; she and I never really hung out or talked, but had mutual friends plus attended school together, so we saw each other often. I remember in our tween years she was always making sarcastic comments around me and she lived in that area in my dream, so I suspect she made a random appearance there.  I have not seen her or thought of her other than in passing in over 30 years — strange how that happens ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night, I dreamed I was on the bus from downtown, which I dream about sometimes.  The route was a long meandering one that my dream concocted, and there were two hipster guys (random people generated by my dream) who were sitting back by me, yakking it up and passing out treats from their deli.  I ended up at a local pre-school, and I was supposed to join the school on a local field trip to the zoo, which was downtown in my dream, but we stopped for cupcakes first; I was concerned because I forgot to check in at the front desk and didn’t want them to think I was a stranger, so checked in with one of the teachers and was told that the person who had sponsored me was sick that day but I was welcome to join them another time, which I declined and left, but as I was leaving I was concerned because the school bus (which looked like a train) had pulled out in front of a car and nearly been hit, so I was worried about the driver’s ability to keep the kids safe.  Then the dream switched and I was in our car with wife M, abd we were trying to drive up Queen Anne but having a difficult time of it, because first an older couple in front of us was driving way too slow, then they got behind a small car pulling a boat up the hill so it was even slower going, and I was really frustrated, complainingn about people who drive too slow and don’t pull over to let other cars by and also about people who walk out in street instead of using sidewalks.  Then the car in front of us lost some of its boat supplies, so we got out to collect them but the people kept going so I was telling M we should just keep them. WHile we were stopped, we got pulled into a strange party that was a mixture of cake baking and a mystery theater and a costume party, and I was worried in my dream that the party was going to get really weird.  It was a strange dream, and I was glad when the dream ended ๐Ÿ™‚

Strange vivid dreams last two nights

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