Just read my chart from March, I have a new speck in my lungs they want to monitor

I was able to log into my health records for the first time yesterday and noticed some things.  First, in my last scan with contrast (April 2016) they noticed “Lungs: There is a new groundglass opacity in the right apex – they suggested a follow up scan in 3 months to see whether it had grown, was stable or had resolved itself.  Second, my pulmonologist was concerned that my “LDL levels (bad cholesterol) are high.”  He wanted to know if I was being treated for hyperlipidemia and asked for a follow up appointment (which I scheduled for NOvember).  

I feel like my health had been on a pretty good run for a couple of years where I didn’t have to worry, so to speak.  Was I in pain and exhausted and have odd things like soaking night sweats?  Of course.  But my health didn’t seem in imminent danger.  The new spot on my lung plus high cholesterol are a stark reminder that I can’t take things for granted 🙂

If I am honest with myself, I am a little worried, but only relatively speaking.  I’m not super worried, it is just on my mind.  But my therapist’s advice last year when I started back up with the night sweats and some of the coughing/chest pain again so was worried about relapse (which hasn’t happened, knock on wood), I can’t start worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. That was wonderful advice and I’ve learned to put those worries out of my mind until (and if) I am ever told by my doctor that he has concerns.

My GP wants me to see my rheumotologist again, but he was booked out for two months so I am going to a different one who has a stellar reputation. I’m looking forward to that and her thoughts.  I also love that she is female and non-white – I find that inspiring and more diversity is always good until such time as humans don’t see race/color/creed 🙂

Just read my chart from March, I have a new speck in my lungs they want to monitor

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