Resumed watching Season 3 of Dexter – love that show

The first show I ever watched that I couldn’t stop watching was Mad Men Seasons 1-3.  Mad Men was nearing the end of Season 3 when I started watching Season 1, and I fell in love with it immediately.  Within a week I was caught up, I loved that show so much (I liked Season 4 too, or at least what Season 4 was trying to accomplish, but didn’t like Mad Men so much after that – it changed from what initially drew me in).  When I started watching that show, it was the Fall of 2009, and Wife M was working a *lot* during that time, so I was in the midst of a 5-year run of raising 2 school age kids, running a household and working full time, plus was unknowingly battling lung disease, so was pretty freaking tired (although I cherish the memories with the kids), but Mad Men absolutely riveted me and to be honest the kids got dinner a little late (>7 pM) a couple of nights so I could finish an episode…  

Then a few years ago, when I was still recovering from prednisone, utterly exhausted and spent from battling lung disease, and spent all weekend every weekend on the couch, recoveirng.  I was bored, then I discovered Breaking Bad, and over a two or three week period I watched the entire series, seasons 1-6 or 7 until the very end.  The show hit home for me because I was once a very poor high school teacher and felt Walt’s pain in that I had faced a potentially fatal disease as a 40-something year old man.  The show also absolutely riveted me.  

I have not seen a show since those, except now Dexter comes pretty close.  I am now in Season 3, and the twists and the turns and the premise and performances are wonderul.  I am wear Jimmy Smits has figured out that Dexter is a true killer – astounding.  Love it.

Resumed watching Season 3 of Dexter – love that show

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