Watched “Don’t Look Now” From 1973

The two performers (Sutherland and Julie Christie) were wonderful and the settings were intriguing (it was fun that we’ve been to St. Peter’s square).  It was a slow developing plot, but it held my attention for reasons I can’t explain.I like the film, but I would not call it a horror film. To me, calling this a horror film is like calling a movie a war film because the main character once was in the army.  

Main characters in movies are funny.  There is a psychic who explained his dead daughter, she has his wife tell him that is life is in danger, he sees an image of this psychic later and nearly dies, so later he is going into a dark foggy alley in pursuit of a cloaked figure when he sees her image again — and doesn’t think, “hold on.”  🙂

I swear, the 1970s were the absolute peak of Hollyeood movies as far as talent goes.  It is like they took everything they had learned about making movies, added a touch of art to it, and produced a tremendous decade of movies.  Then everything went to heck in the 80s.  

I love Julie Christie.  Her performance in this was amazing, just like it was in McCabe and Mrs. Miller.

Watched “Don’t Look Now” From 1973

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