Thoughts on Venice (from 2013)

We spent a day in Venice in 2013, and here are my memories from it…

I loved St. Peter’s Square, the large white cathedral often seen in movies.  It was a beautiful square and a beautiful church.  I love that when I see it in movies that it takes me back to my visit there.

Movies don’t capture the smell of Venice, which wasn’t pleasant.  The water doesn’t smell good, and there is a lot of exhaust hanging about. I felt like I needed to wash my skin off from the exhaust.

It is incredibly easy to get lost on the walkways.  THere are so many back ways that look alike (not in a bad way) and they are quiet, so it is easy to lose my way 🙂

It is a wonderful, sad city.  Sad in that there is *a lot* of motorboat traffic on the main ways, it was choked with tourists in parts of town, and the water is dirty (garbage floating in it).  Wonderful in that it is fun to be there because of its fame, and it is Italy (I love Italy).

The back water ways were dreamy.  Quiet, peaceful, surreal.

With global warming and the city sinking, I can’t imagine it will be there 100s of years from nbow.

I love Italy.  I love the pace of life, the food, the apprecation for life (food, conversation, coffee, clothes, wine, etc.), that dressing is an art (you don’t see Italians in yoga pants and tennis shoes), and even the heat.  My two favorite countries I’ve spent time in are Italy and France, and I love the people and cultures of both places.  Venice was not my favorite Italian city, but it is part of Italy and I love Italy.

Thoughts on Venice (from 2013)

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