Watched The Shining Last Night 

In a rare family moment (i.e. it is rare when all four of us are together these days), the family watched The Shining last night.  

I was home before everyone else, and had a burst of energy, so set up the big screen, rearranged the couches for more comfortable viewing, ordered pizzas and stocked the fireplace with firewood. (These are things I used to always do for the family — little things to make their lives cozier and to show love — but evaporated when my illness set in a few years ago; so it felt great to have a momentary burst of my old self).  We ordered pizza, lit a fire and watched the movie.

I love all the little things in the movie.  I was noticing how The Overlook Hotel is like a palace, and Jack is like the minotaur, and there are all kinds of allusions to bullheads in the movie.  In some ways, the family are the conquerors living in their palace and falling into dysfunction during their isolation, much like dynasties do over time (I am thinking of the dysfunction of Roman emperors, the Russian Tsars, Henry VIII’s court and even the 2016 US Presidential race).  I love how large and grand everything, and they are always centered against a symetrical background, often with a crown-like fixture over their head.  Meanwhile, Jack is plummeting into madness, lumbering around the maze with his axe much like the minotaur, which was the offspring of greed and power and fed off the young.  It is such a wonderfully spooky movie.  And it is was a cozy evening.  

An aside: After a year of avoiding this, I am starting to fall asleep during movies again, something I did in the few years before and after my diagnosis before it went away the past year.  But the past month or two I fall asleep during every movie at night, I am just so exhausted.  Such a bummer but can’t be helped. 

Watched The Shining Last Night 

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