About as stormy as it gets in Seattle the past few days

Seattle is a mild area.  There are only a few days of the year where it is hot (90s) or cold (30s), and despite our reputation for rain usually we are gray and drizzly with most of our rain coming in light-to-moderate storms in November and December, with some showers in the Spring.  But occassionally we’ll get some pretty good systems in, usually one or two a year where winds pick up to 30 MPH and we get an inch or two of rain over a 24 hour period.  It has always been this way, and I’ve lived in Seattle for all of my nearly 50 years of life.

But a strong system and the remnants of a Typhon are hitting us this week over a few days.  Over night and this morning it rained steadily about as hard as it will over several hours (it will rain harder during SPring showers but only for 15 – 20 minutes), and the winds last night were 30+.  A major windstorm is forecasted to hit us tomorrow, with wind gusts at 60 MPH, the strongest we’ve seen in 10 years (since 2006).  Quite a few times these “big storms,” especially in regards to wind or snow, have a way of falling short of forecasts, so we’ll see.  I remember a big predicted windstrom in December 1995 that were forecasted to approach gusts of 70 MPH, so they closed schools early, and it ended up being just a regular windstorm – strong, but not super strong.  I think it is remarkably hard to predict wind and snow in Seattle due to mountains East and West, the Pacific Ocean plus Puget Sound Convergence zones.  The one time I can remember a wind storm being about as advertised was the windstorm of 2006, and many of our biggest snowstorms usually have been predicted as “a few inches” of snow that suddenly strengthen or veer this way (also, many big snowstorms that were forecasted never materialized).  

We’ll see what happens tomorrow.  The grocery store was already crowded at 7 AM this morning, though 🙂 

About as stormy as it gets in Seattle the past few days

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