Pretty Strong Chest Pains today…

A few weeks ago I was having strong chest pains but as always did a wait and see approach, since chest pains have come and gone since I came down with lung disease (pre-diagnosis, when my health was sinking, I would have 3 or 4 strong episodes per day, now they come and go a few weeks apart).  Today I am having them pretty strong again, the kind where I might think I was having a heart attack if I didn’t know better.  As always, I am making note of them and will see if they go away in the next few days.  Over time, I’ve come to recognize that lung disease and AS means strange things that come and go, and if I react immediately every time they happen I’d spend all my time in the doctor’s office (which is misery, and honestly, has to be a form of hell akin to spending all day in a sailboat on a windless day), so I wait until things are pretty bad and then generally mention it in my regular (3-4x per year) doctor visits.  🙂

Pretty Strong Chest Pains today…

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