Thought “Lake Mungo” was slow

We watched Lake Mungo, which is a ghost movie that had a good rating for ghost movies on Flixster (over 90% critic approval, and 65% user approval).  The film is a documentary-type movie that documents a family’s situation following the drowning of their 16-year-old daughter. Honestly, I had high hopes for the movie, but it was a snoozer.  Every time a hint of drama started to build, the movie would dismiss it (e.g. the dead girl appears in a picture, then the brother admitted to fixing it; their was a medium who had nothing happen during the seance, etc.).  There was one brief moment of creepiness — when the daughter’s cell phone seemed to capture an image foretelling the daughter’s death — but otherwise it was just a long, slow film, not unlike the Amy Winehouse documentary we watched last year.  Bleh.

Thought “Lake Mungo” was slow

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