Am watching and loving Barton Fink

Re-watched Barton Fink again today.  I’d first watched it 6 years ago while on a weekend away, and thought it one of the most eerie movies I’d ever seen.  So when I saw it was on Netflix I watched it again today.  Barton is a writer who wants to write for the common man, and has just made a name for himself, but instead of using that to further his cause is talked into selling himself to Hollywood to write a B wrestler pic.  When he gets to his seedy hotel in Hollywood (he wants to stay in a common place), the deskhop emerges from the cellar and gives him the guest book to sign.  It is a large book, and I have the feeling he signing his soul away and the hotel is hell.  I actually think John’s character is the devil, and rewatching the film I still think that.  Fink’s writer block sets in when he meets John, it goes away when John goes away, and flames of hell return with John.  Anyway, I enjoy the film, which I think is about a man who sells what he believes in for quick success to fund what he believes in, and has basically sold his soul in the process.  Whether it is about creativity, Hollywood or something else entirely is irrelevant in my mind 😉  

Am watching and loving Barton Fink

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