Was missing the Fall of 1988 again

The bus service was changed tonigth because of the Husky game, so I had to walk through the UW campus during the last half hour of daylight, when all these college kids were meandering through campus.  It made me think of Fall 1988 when I went off to college for the first time, and was meeting new friends and had quite a good time that Fall just being a college student.  I remember the feeling that time was endless, and strolling to dinner with one group of friends, then heading out to a movie or a party with a second group of friends before hanging out the next day with a third group of friends.  I remember the really long walk in the pouring rain to get a midnight snack (it was probably 5 miles each way) with a couple of girls, and the laser tag night with a group of friends at some strange field and going to the football game with the girls who lived next door.  It’s funny, because 90% of my friends then were girls, and it was fun just hanging out with them, especially after spending the previous year with a group of rowdy gym dudes. 🙂

Was missing the Fall of 1988 again

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