Watched Notorious with Wife M

Wife M and I were in a Hitchcock mood so watched one we had not seen before: Notorious.  Ingrid Bergman is the bitter daughter of a German traitor recruited by Cary Grant to fly into Brazil and catch additional Nazis who were living in Brazil.  Notes:

I love both of these performers.  Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman are great as always.  

I loved how Grant was upside down when she opened her eyes that first morning: her world has turned upside down.  

Even in a 1946 black and white, the shots of Rio are splendid.

I love Grant’s response to her accusing him of his being afraid he’ll fall in love with her: “That wouldn’t be hard.”  He learns she must contact her father’s friend Sebastian, land him, serve as a spy and report back.  Grant forgets the wine on the table: his love is wrapped away.  Later, the chicken, which had been on fire before (like their budding love), is cold now.  

Classic Hitchcock with the suspense.  It is nervewracking the risk she is putting herself under with the wine cellar.   She is also playing him as a fool, although he is clearly a keen observer.  Then later, when she has the headaches we suspect why, and are left to fret…  And we *know* if she gets to the bedroom she will likely die!  Then Sebastian’s risk of being betrayed adds a wonderful twist!

What I love most about Hitchcock, was his endless and exhaustive attention to symbolic detail.  One of my favorite books about movies is The Art of Hitchcock, whch uncovers a lot of these.

Watched Notorious with Wife M

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