Enjoyed “The Witch”

“The Witch” was on Amazon Prime so I watched it this afternoon while Wife M worked on her grant application. I liked it.  I liked the setting (17th Century Puritan New England is a spooky setting on its own), that the movie was patient and didn’t take on too much or try for too many cheap scares, and I thought it was a deft use of sound.  I liked the themes, including one that I think is self-pride can lead to destruction in times of crisis.

 The mother’s cynical treatment of the daughter was difficult to take at times (which may have been a theme, about harsh parents chasing children into the arms of temptation), and I am not a fan of dark filters (overdone, plus in some ways is cheating, since anyone can make a horror film in spooky murkiness — the trick would be making a spooky movie on a bright summer day).   

I liked the father and oldest daughter’s performance.  I thought it was depressing that the eldest daughter — of marrying age in the film — was born in 1996, which makes me feel very old 🙂  It reminded me of the time that one of the AEs on my team brought her parents in to meet us, and her parents were my age.  I don’t mind, of course, it just catches me by surprise, as in, “Oh yeah, I am well into middle-age” and nearing the end of my career.

I liked this film, especially in the Fall, and will watch it again another Halloween.

Enjoyed “The Witch”

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