Thinking of my new friends from Fall 1988

I headed away from college in 1988.  Althought it was less than 100 miles from home, I was looking forward to getting away and meeting new people, and didn’t expect to return home very often.  But I literally knew no one where I was going, so would have to meet new people.  My first day, I was adopted by a small group of close friends, and for the next several weeks I hung out with them, eating meals with them, going to parties with them, etc.  They were funny and nice, and I laughed all the time I was with them.  Then at one of those parties, I met another couple of people and started hanging out with them, too.  This would continue for the rest of that year — branching out and meeting new people all the time.  I loved it.  I can still see the people and hear the conversations and hear the music that was popular on the campus at the time in the dorms.  For whatever reason, the people I’d meet that Spring would stick and I would remain friends for ilfe with some of them, but I haven’t seen most of those people from Fall of 1988 in over 25 years. When I knew them they were just getting started in life, and now many of them are nearing 50.  I am sure they are different in many ways and I would probably not recognize them (some may have even passed, and I wouldn’t know since I am not great at scrolling back and reconnecting with people I knew from decades ago) but I will forever see them as 20 year olds with their lives ahead of them.  Am thinking about them this morning, for some reason.  

Thinking of my new friends from Fall 1988

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