She likes Arty Music and I like Arty Movies

Wife M (who is freakishly smart and cultured) teases me about my movie choices, what she calls “Farty Films” after artsy-fartsy type movies: subtle films (sometimes black and white classics) that are more about the subtleties.  I love Mission Impossible and James Bond as much as anyone, but the scenes I remember are the awesome subtle ones, like Lee Marvin’s determined walk down the LA airport in Point Blank or the lunch conversation between Jake Gettes and Noah Cross in Chinatown or Orson Welles lurking in the shadows in The Third Man.  Also, I loved film study in high school, where my teacher seemed to have a taste for very short 1950s French Films dripping with symbolism; he’d start and stop the film and point out things, and I loved every minute of it,whereas most my classmateds hated it 🙂   M hates that kind of stuff, too…  But I realize this morning that she really loves artsy music; she listens to all the songs on an album, and loves indy artists of all types and kinds, often subtle songs with very little (or any) rhythm.  I hate that stuff.  To me, hell will be someone strumming a guitar and singing soft songs with no discernable beat while I am stuck on a sailboat — all stuff that puts me to sleep.   I love dance music, something with a beat and high energy that isn’t played on the radio too much (or at all).  So I realize this morning that M’s music is the same as my movie taste.  She says Tomato, I say Tomato 🙂

She likes Arty Music and I like Arty Movies

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