Dreamt about Government Locks and Sunset Hill

I don’t recall the plot of my dream last night, but do remember the setting: Sunset Hill near the locks was a tall forested hill with an inn sitting atop it, and the Ballard Locks behind it was more like a very long park as opposed to a locks.  I have dreamt before that Sunset Hill is more of a wildnerness park setting with a hard-to-access point on the far right (almost like West Seattle) and that the locks are less about locks and more about a very long (left to right) park…  

Regarding Sunset Hill having a point, my paperroute as a kid used to take me down past the railroad bridge to a road that ran for a single isolated block, dropping down to the railroad tracks level.  There were perhaps 5 or 6 houses along that street, with a row of trees on one side (witht he railroad tracks behind those trees) and the houses on the other (the houses were on a bluff, with the channel and bay below, so must have had a splendid view). By the time I reachd the last house, the road was practically at the tracks just before they turned to run over a long draw bridge, so it was a very isolated spot, almost like a point.  I think in my dreams I convert those houses (and especially the last house) to a point.

It was actually an intimidating stretch of the route.  I was isolated, with a lot of bushes, and there were a fair number of homeless people who rode the trains and lived near the tracks in those days (and maybe still do, I don’t know), so I was usually on high alert when I was on that section of my route.  My dad had warned me, too, since he himself had been chased by three homeless men as a kid when he was on those same tracks.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: This journal is meant in no way to imply that all homeless people are dangerous (how many would-be child molestors probably lived in houses in my neighborhood? Maybe a few).  But it was an intimidating section 🙂

Dreamt about Government Locks and Sunset Hill

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