Watching Dr. No!

Wife M and I decided to get cozy and watch the very first James Bond film, Dr. No.  I don’t think I’ve seen it before, which is incredible.  Comments and Notes:

Love that the first movie began with the scene of Bond shooting at the camera.  In classic early movie style, the shot is rushed and I don’t think is even aimed at the camera.  The opening is psychedlic, as I’d expect in the 60s.  

It is so much fun to watch the true 60s styles in a movie from that time.  I loved Mad Men’s mid-century style, and this is the real thing!

Loving the fake blood, which looks little better (or worse) than ketchup. 🙂

Of course, this being James Bond, he plays cards in a tuxedo against a striking woman in a red dress.  Sean Connery was larger than life on the screen in his youth.

007 is stripped of his baretta, it being considered too light.  He returns to his apartment somewhat chagrined except the first Bond Girl — Ms. Trench — is waiting for him in her nighty 🙂  In Jamaica, his “driver” (a mole)  swallows a cyanide pill rather than reveal his employer.  

His first martini was mixed not stirred – but *not* shaken not stirred!  

Loving how much Austin Powers borrowed from this movie 🙂

Watching Dr. No!

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