Uh, cholesterol is 270???

I walk 6 miles a day on average. I go to the gym every single day for a 30-45 minute workout.  I am 5’11 and 160 pounds on my heavier days (at times I drop to the low 150s and have to work to keep it higher by eating more almonds).  My diet is mostly berries, brocolli, carrots and peanut butter. I rarely eat meat, and pretty religiously avoid any kind of weird chemicals in food (such as sucrose and hydrogenated crap).  So I am a little concerned that I received my last blood tests back and my cholesterol is 270.  My doctor isn’t highly worried at the moment since overall I am healthy, but I find it concerning and something I plan to watch closely.  I do not want any nasty surprises related to heart attacks and stroke, especially since wife M and I look at my diet and lifestyle and can’t think of why it might be so high. Wife My did notice that high cholesterol can be related to hormones, and we do think that my high doses of prednisone in 2011-2012 killed my adrenal glands as I have never quite been the same since.  

I do have small bowls of ice cream 3-4 times a week and order veggie pizza once per week — I am going to cut back on ice cream completely and limit my pizza a little bit to see if that helps.

At one time my cholesterol was so low my doctor had been amazed, and honestly even though 20 years have gone by my lifestyle has pretty much been consistently the same over that time.  So it is concerning. 

Uh, cholesterol is 270???

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